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Köllen 2016-03-31 · Four young catalan designers have created Köllen an interactive new bookshelf. The name it means the Alps mountains in swedish language, using this name the designers want to show that its shelf follow the nordic design style, also the shelf form remembers this european mountains. Oct 7, 2016 - Köllen Bookshelf is raising funds for Köllen: The interactive bookshelf collection on Kickstarter! Modular and interactive bookshelf formed by pieces which can be placed differently depending on the objects put on it.

Kollen interactive bookshelf

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You can make notes and highlights which will automatically sync across Vera Gedroits’ 151st Birthday. Apr 19, 2021. More doodle details. Search for 'Vera Gedroits'.

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Home offices are often lacking in physical  Made of wood MDF. Glossy lacquered finish. Tempered glass top 4 mm in thickness. Also available with double laminated glass top 8 mm thick.

Kollen 2021 - Mapa Polski

Kollen interactive bookshelf

Appreciation in our website. Less. Estimated delivery Nov 2016. 2020-07-07 Köllen Bookshelf is a modular and interactive bookshelf which structure can be adapted to the user’s need.

It consists of a set of decorative pieces that can be placed  Aug 20, 2016 This is "Köllen Bookshelf | Making of" by Köllen Design on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them. This Nordic-inspired shelf has both functionality and aesthetics firmly in mind, as it transforms the way that The Köllen Eget desk, designed by Paula Terra… Oct 31, 2016 Interactive Modular Bookshelves:Check it out: interactive-modular-bookshelves/Ditch those dusty, cluttered shelves and get creati Adjustable Bookshelf by Köllen. Genius Design internatio Nov 3, 2016 Kollen: The interactive bookshelf Mesmerized by such motion and simplicity. Check out the INSIDER design video here. The product page from  Oct 21, 2016 @kickstarter. Bringing creative projects to life. Brooklyn, NY.
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Check out the INSIDER design video here.

This cleverly designed shelf is modular and interactive which can be suited to anyone’s needs. The interactive bookshelf collection is a project that emerges from the idea of Köllen Bookshelf, an innovative piece of furniture that can be modified to the user’s will. Köllen Collection offers a set of decorative products inspired in the nordic style and in the same vein as the bookshelf itself. Kollen Collection offers a set of decorative products inspired in the nordic style and in the same vein as the book shelf itself.Customize your bookshelf!
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More doodle details. Search for 'Vera Gedroits'. Interactive. Check out all of our playable games, videos, and toys.

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▻ You are here: Linguapress ›. EFL Bookshelf It offers a large selection of interactive games and activities for the English class,  Lerner Digital Free Trial · Lerner Digital Bookshelf · Downloads · eSource · Find My Rep. Copyright 2021 by Lerner Publishing Group. Terms & Conditions. 23 Sep 2020 Dejad que hoy os hable de mis alumnos, ser profesor de EINA te da este tipo de alegrías.